Gardening Experiments: Update

In my last post I wrote about aphids and how I found an article stating that mixing essential oils and water in a squirt bottle could kill them (rosemary, clove, thyme, and peppermint) so I gave it a shot. And... I can't really tell if it worked. The plants that were infested with them are… Continue reading Gardening Experiments: Update


Gardening Experiments: Aphids

I've been watching a lot of lectures on the Great Courses website on botany and specifically for growing food, and I've come across my greatest adversary yet: aphids. Evil little buggers. They have completely covered several of my plants, although they have not touched a few others. Apparently they don't like lavender. So that gave… Continue reading Gardening Experiments: Aphids


More discoveries regarding BFRBs

I shared my blog with a good friend and got some very unexpected feedback regarding my post on BFRBs (Body Focused Repetitive Behavior). She said that, prior to reading my post, she hadn't even noticed my scars, despite the fact that I generally wear shortsleeved shirts that do expose much of my upper arms. It… Continue reading More discoveries regarding BFRBs

library 101

Library 101: Book Etiquette

We (librarians) see this all the time. Patrons return books with the pages dog-eared, passages highlighted or underlined in pen, marker, or pencil, and with writing in the margins. To us, it's obvious that these are things you do not do, but apparently the rest of the world doesn't understand this, so here I am… Continue reading Library 101: Book Etiquette